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Подборка красивейших рекламных иллюстраций

Для вас собрана коллекция красивейших рекламных объявлений, отличающихся необычным дизайном.

Playstation 3. Going down in history

Absolut Peppar Stars

Adidas Adicolor

Advertising Yop

Пачка сигарет—гроб

Bacardi Superior  – Shoot & Fly

Bacardi Mojito – Water Bat

BooBoo World

Burnout Paradise

C2 Advocacy Ad. Lights off. Green on.

Cemex “Bridge”

Coke Ad

Coke Ad

Coke Ad

Colour PS3: This is living

Cosentino – ECO. The surface for a new eco-era

Creativity. Is all about how many rules you can forget about

Design Music. Design exhibition, fashion show, student's event

Discovery Channel – Life

Drink and Drive. When you decide to drink and drive

FedEx “Pickaback”

Firefox 5 years. Changing the internet



Harley Davidson Motorclothes. Customers who bought this also purchased..

Heineken Ads


Hugo Dreams

iMac Advertising. You dream, we make. The new 24'' iMac series

iPhone App Concepts

iPod Play Your Music. Join the Music Revolution

Juicy Everywhere


Morph's x7 1'st birthday


Nike / DDB Paris


Nike Environmental Protection

Nike ID

Nike ID

Pepsi Max

Eventbrand Poster. Новая эпоха в организации событий

Purell Hand

Ray Band. Geniune since 1937

Smoking Arm

Starburst Jellybeans

Vote Red

Wrigley’s 5 (cobalt)

Wrigley’s 5 – Pulse

Zippo Hero